Parts / Water Accessories

EcoWater Systems-brand products are manufactured and assembled in our U.S. factories, and sold only to authorized EcoWater Systems water treatment professionals. Your local, independently-owned EcoWater dealer is your one-stop shop for all of your service needs, including service needed before or after any warranty periods.

Please contact the authorized EcoWater dealership in your area for service. Only an EcoWater dealer can offer you the current and appropriate parts for your products, including drinking water replacement filters.

Dolphin Water Pump

Manual water pump for bottled water. It is great for camping, in the office, home, school or wherever you find acceptable. Does not require batteries or a motor. Fits all 5 – 6 Gallon water bottles. Stop by Ecowater 2000 today and pick up your own Dolphin Water Pump.

Rainshow’R Filter

CQ-1000 (CQ-1000NH): Dechlorinating Shower Filter. Filter fits most standard plumbing and shower heads (not included). Rate Capacity is 25,000 gallons. Used to remove free chlorine from shower water via shower head. Pick up yours from our store today!

Shower Filter

Replacement Filter Cartridge

RCCQ (RCCQ): Replaceable filter cartridge for CQ-1000 shower head filter. Should be changed every 6-7 months for optimal use. Can be picked up at Ecowater Kelowna location.

Filter Cartridge